GEKAB play

Welcome to GEKAB Play. Here you find published instructional videos to GEKAB's Print shop and the handling of the various products. 

Hint! To get your instructions during your first session, pull a tab in your browser and keep two windows open, one with the system and one with the instruction video.




Create an account

Create an account in GEKAB's Printshop.




Create cable marking

Create cable marking with GEKAB's Printshop.




Create engraved signs from Excel

Create signs from an Excel file with GEKAB's Printshop.




Importing from table or Excel

Create cable labels from text file or import from Excel.




Central Labeling / group list

A guide to easily create central markings / group lists.




Wire Mark

In this video we show how GEKAB's unique PZ-18 marks can be attached to a wire.




Get started with engraved plates

In this video, we demonstrate how simple the engraved plate is separated from the map, and how they will be delivered.




Cable markings

In this video we show how to easily attach a cable labeling and how they are packaged.