Dimension: Length 60mm, height 10mm

(Up to 2 lines x approx: 20 characters)

sslk 60



Dynamic text size that adapts to the writing surface and the number of characters. Up to 2 lines x approx: 40 characters go great with full readability. Ability to add your company logo.

The technique

The reason to notice by the laser is that there is a need for a permanent marking that is informative, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Laser engraving is used in a variety of industries to provide products, components and articles lifetime traceability in the form of plain text, 1-, 2- or 3-dimensional codes as well as graphics. Look at the bottom of a saucepan in the kitchen, chances are that you will find a permanent mark there.

Laser tag means that the laser light can process a material so that text or graphics appear on the material.

The process of stainless steel is precision Glow (annealing) with fiber laser which causes a color change on the shiny steel. By careful control of the heating with a laser, you get a dark contrast markings with good visibility without any material removed.


Stainless steel SS316 which is suitable for use in harsh environments. Fastened preferably by stainless steel ties with a width of 4.6 mm.